June 25, 2024
Explore Real-Life Shooting Locations That Bring <i>The Atypical Family</i> To Life
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The Atypical Family is an ongoing Korean television series that has garnered appreciation from viewers across the world for its storyline, character arcs, background music, and individual performances. The series follows the story of a unique family with superpowers ranging from time travel to telekinesis and more. While the family loses their extraordinary abilities due to chronic lifestyle diseases, a mysterious woman enters their lives and family out of nowhere. Will she help them regain their abilities? What secrets does she hide? The series explores themes of family, loss, and the power of human connection amidst a backdrop of magic and mystery. Feel like part of the show as we take you on a behind-the-scenes journey to the shooting locations of The Atypical Family, where these extraordinary characters come to life.

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The Atypical Family: Cast, release date, episodes, shooting locations, and more

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Originally from JTBC network of South Korea, the series stars Jang Ki-yong as Bok Gwi-ju, Chun Woo-hee as Do Da-hae, Go Doo-shim as Bok Man-heum, Claudia Kim as Bok Dong-hee, Park So-yi as Bok I-na, Oh Man-seok as Eom Soon-gu, Kim Geum-sun as Baek Il-hong, Ryu Abel as Grace Kang, and Choi Gwang-rok as Noh Hyung-tae. Directed by Jo Hyun-taek and written by Joo Hwa-mi, The Atypical Family premiered on May 4, 2024.

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So far, ten episodes have been released, with two new episodes each week (Saturday-Sunday). The Atypical Family will release its final episode on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

The Atypical Family shooting locations


the atypical family
Bunam Beach, Korea | Image credit: Stock for you/Shutterstock

The scene where Do Da-hae saves Bok Gwi-ju from drowning in the first episode of The Atypical Family is shot at Bunam Beach in Samcheok. Interestingly, the beach is inside a small military base and opens only annually to the public for eight weeks in summer.

Nearby attractions: Daegeumgul Cave, Yonghwa Beach, and Mugeon-ri Moss Falls

Things to do: Explore Hwanseongul Caves, visit Jukseoru Pavillion, and spend a day at Surobuin Floral Tribute Park

How to reach
By air: Samcheok Airport is located within the city.
By train: Samcheok Station is located within the city.


The atypical family
Songdo Central Park, Incheon | Image credit: Sanga Park/Shutterstock

The Paradise Spa owned by Do Da-hae’s adoptive mother Kim Geum-sun in The Atypical Family is an integral part of the storyline. The filming location for the scenes in The Atypical Family is the real-life spa and sauna at the Paradise City Hotel in Incheon, known as The Spa at Paradise.

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Nearby attractions: Songdo Central Park, Freedom Park, and Jeondeunsa Temple

Things to do: Have a fun day at Wolmido, enjoy sundowners at Eurwangni Beach, and explore the Tri-bowl art gallery

How to reach
By air: Incheon Airport is located within the city.
By train: Incheon Station is located within the city.


the atypical family
Gwangmyeong Caves, Gwangmyeong | Image credit: oshdr/Shutterstock

AK Plaza in Gwangmyeong was the real-life shooting location for the shopping mall where a fake fire alert was sounded in The Atypical Family, forcing Do Da-hae to crouch down and take cover, while Bok Gwi-ju returned to his past to save her.

Nearby attractions: Yeouido Park, Gwangmyeong Cave, and Everland Amusement Park

Things to do: Explore Gyeongbokgung Palace, spend a day hiking at Gahagsan, and visit Dodeoksan Suspension Bridge

How to reach
By air: Gimpo International Airport is 13 km away.
By train: Gwangmyeong Station is located within the city.

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the atypical family
Bukchon Hanok Village. Seoul | Image credit: sayan uranan/Shutterstock

Heidihaus, a spa and health club in Seoul, has been used as the premises of Bok’s Gym, owned and operated by Bok Gwi-ju. Bok’s Gym is an important part of the series’ storyline, with several major events taking place here, from Grace Kang, Do Da-hae’s sister joining as a trainer to Bok Dong-hee working out to lose weight.

In episode 6, the scenes of The Atypical Family involving a father-daughter conversation between Bok Gwi-ju and Bok I-na in their car were shot at Seoul’s Dongjak Bridge.

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Nearby attractions: National Museum of Korea, Bukchon Hanok Village, and War Memorial of Korea

Things to do: Explore Lotte World, visit Jogyesa Temple, and spend time at the Leeum Museum of Art

How to reach
By air: Incheon Airport is located within the city.
By train: Seoul Station is located within the city.

(Feature image credit: IMDb)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Is The Atypical Family based on a real story?
No, The Atypical Family is a fantasy supernatural story, not based on real experiences.

-When did the shooting for The Atypical Family begin?
Shooting for The Atypical Family began in August 2023 and ended mid-March, 2024.

-How long did it take to complete the shoot for The Atypical Family?
It took 8 to 9 months to complete the shoot for The Atypical Family.

-Where can I watch The Atypical Family?
You can watch it on either Korea’s JTBC network or Netflix.

-What is the length/duration of The Atypical Family’s episodes?
So far, each episode has been a little more than an hour long.

-Will there be another season for The Atypical Family?
There has been no official announcement for a second season of The Atypical Family.

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