June 25, 2024
Lacey Pfalz

by Lacey Pfalz
Last updated: 9:40 AM ET, Thu May 16, 2024

InsideAsia Tours is expanding its reach in South Korea with a new 13-day foodie-focused tour of the small Southeast Asian nation, called “Culinary Korea.” 

Across the thirteen-day trip, travelers will visit five distinct destinations across the country: Seoul, Busan, Yeosu, Jeonju and Jeju Island, meeting the locals, learning about Korea’s culinary culture and experiencing the best of the destination. The itinerary begins at $4,600 per person for 4-star accommodations and $7,600 per person for 5-star accommodations.

It begins with three days in Seoul, with ample time to explore the city’s most popular attractions, like the UNESCO-designated Gyeongbok Palace and the iconic Namsan Tower. Travelers’ first taste of Korean cuisine will include Korean barbecue or chimaek, which is fried chicken and beer, along with an introduction into the country’s cafe culture. 

In Jeonju, the nation’s culinary capital, travelers will delight in the region’s traditional dishes, such as bibimbap and kongnamul-gukbap, try fizzy rice wine, called makgeolli, in Makgeolli Alley, and explore the historic Hanok Village.

Yeosu, located on the western coast of the Korean peninsula, is home to the Nangman Night Market, and fish and seafood lovers will delight in the day’s freshest catches. Travelers will also get to visit the Seonamsa Temple. 

Travelers will take a short plane ride to the nation’s most popular destination: the volcanic island of Jeju Island. The beautiful island offers opportunities to pick its famous tangerines and meet the local haenyeo women, who are UNESCO-designated female free divers who have preserved the tradition of free diving for centuries. 

Lastly, travelers will enjoy two days in Busan before heading back to Seoul. There, travelers will enjoy visiting the famous Jagalchi Fish Market and enjoy a cooking workshop led by a local. 

“The various aspects and quirks of Korean cuisine are best enjoyed in Korea directly, where historically-authentic preparation methods are practiced in venues ranging from fine dining establishments to street food carts, both of which utilize fresh and locally sourced ingredients harvested from the ground and the sea,” said Rebecca Barry, InsideAsia Tours’ Senior South Korea Product Executive. 

“Beyond the food itself, there is something profoundly special about Korea’s communal dining culture, which cultivates a deep sense of interpersonal connection, a concept known locally as jeong,” Barry continued. “The concept of jeong is felt throughout all of Korean cuisine, and travelers on the Culinary Korea itinerary will feel the spark of deep connection to their fellow travelers, Korean locals and the country’s rich and dynamic culture as a whole, elevating dining experiences to a truly transcendent, soul-nurturing experience.”

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