July 21, 2024

CES used to be a playground for hi-fi back in the day, with audio enthusiasts from all over the globe converging to check out the latest and greatest speakers, turntables, vacuum tube amplifiers and other forms of high-end exotica. Over the past decade, however, the show has shifted to more of a showcase for the best TVs, along with robotics, wellness, gadgets, and EVs, just to name a few of the categories that dominated CES 2024.

While roaming the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding hotels at this year’s show, I was encouraged to find a number of speaker brands showing off new products. Does that mean hi-fi has returned to CES as a vital, show-defining category? I wouldn’t go that far. You’re still much more likely to see the best Bluetooth speakers, best soundbars, and best headphones at the show, though hi-fi does appear to be making a slow and steady comeback.


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